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Clients can now access their horse's and pet's medical history, vaccination reminders, and medication history online using their own "ePetHealth account" or EquiHealth account"   This feature will also allow you, the client, to request appointments, medication refills, and boarding with just a click of the mouse.

In addition, you can research breeds, common diseases, and access "how to" videos. 

To access this great feature we will need your email address on file. Click on the ePetHealth link or EquiHealth link at the top left of this page to log in. 

February is National Dental Month

Your pets dental care keeps more than just your pets teeth clean.  Dental care is very important to your pet because it can lead to other health issues.  Periodontal disease can cause bad breath as well as lead to soreness and destruction of your pets gums and cause them to loose teeth.  Periodontal disease can also lead to lung, brain, liver, heart and kidney problems.  Bacteria may infect the lungs causing bronchial or other respiratory infections.  Some liver disorders may be the result of bacteria entering the liver.  Heart damage or inflammation may be a result of periodontal disease.  Kidneys may also be affected by bacteria causing infection or even damage to you animals kidneys.  Occasionally, bacteria will cross the blood-brain barrier and may cause damage.  As you can see not only is your pets teeth affected by periodontal disease but so are many of the major organs.   Please check out our promotional page to see what we are offering for your pet the month of February.

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Equine Dentistry Just Got Easier!
We are proud to announce the addition of a motorized equine float system to allow our large animal vets to perform more thorough dental work on our patients.  Click  below for more information!

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