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Petly Plans
Brought to you by IDEXX.
Why should you choose wellness plans by Petly Plans? Here at Greenville Veterinary Clinic, we want to assure that your pet has the best possible care at every stage of life! We know that you as a pet owner would like to do all that you can for your pet, but good quality care comes with a price. With Petly Plans, this helps us to provide you with that at a more affordable price for you!
Puppy and Kitten Plans
Adult Plans
What do plans include?
~ All plans include, preventative care examinations and core vaccinations.
~ A copay exam fee on additional scheduled visits.
~ Additional discounts on eligible items not included in the plan.
How do I know which plan is right for my pet?
~ Each plan provides multiple choices that match whats right for your pets health. 
~ You are able to pick from a Silver up to a Platinum* plan for your pet.
*Only available for the adult plans. 
What if I cant afford a wellness plan?
~ The costs of the wellness plans are divided into 12 affordable monthly payments made by you and what is right for you!