Buy 12 month supply of Heartgard and get a $12.00 rebate check in the mail.

Frontline and Frontline Gold 
Buy a 6 month supply and receive 2 free doses.  Buy 3 month supply receive 1 free dose.

Vectra 3D 
Buy 6 month supply and receive 3 free doses of Vectra.  Buy 3 month supply and receive 1 free dose.
Trifexis is offering a mail-in rebate for up to $25.00 back.

Comfortis has a mail-in rebate for up to $25.00 back.
Atopica: The Comfort Club purchase 2 boxes and receive up to $15.00 back. The Comfort Club also offers 2nd month of Atopica free. Once you have purchased 4 boxes of Atopica you get 1 free.  If you have a pet on Atopica, ask a staff member about the The Comfort Club.
NexGard is the newest flea and tick product on the market.  NexGard kills fleas,kills the american dog tick and is a soft beef flavored chew.  NexGard kills flea in as quickly as 24 hours.

*Buy 6 does of NexGard get 1 free.

Get your first dose of NexGard free! See us at the clinic for more details.

Check out our newest promotions, rebates and deals, from your flea & heartworm preventative, to your pet's maintenance  medications!
Combination rebates from Merial! Buy 12 doses of Heartgard and 12 doses of Nexgard or Frontline, get a $50 mail in rebate.
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